The Pony Club Association of Victoria (PCAV) has a range of certificates from D to A. Many achieve up to C* but a few strive for the ultimate in achieving the K to A certificates.

Whilst there is much more work required to achieve these certificates, the effort is very worthwhile, as it demonstrates both knowledge and practical application of horsemanship skills.

We are proud to recognise our club’s great achievers and hope that more of our riders will be so inspired.

Year Name Certificate
2017 J’Aime Mallon “B”
2017 Jayde Kirkham “B”
1995-96 Wendy Shepherd “A”
1993-94 Wendy Shepherd “B”
1991-92 Tanya Griffiths “K”
1990-91 I. Wheeler “B”
1990-91 L. McLeod “K”
1990-91 Wendy Shepherd “K”