Our Rangers program was developed by Macedon Pony Club life member Mike Gorman to encourage younger, inexperienced riders to learn and improve before moving into the upper levels of the club.

Riders in the program, some led by parents or other helpers, receive additional support, in a fenced off arena to gain confidence in riding, handling and caring for their pony.

Before receiving their Ranger graduation certificate, riders will learn:


  • Be able to identify “Points of the Pony”
  • Be able to identify “Parts of the Bridle”
  • Be able to identify “Parts of the Saddle”
  • Be able to identify “Grooming Equipment”
  • Know what a pony eats and drinks.


  • Correctly Mount and Dismount.
  • Know how to be legged up.
  • Know how to hold and use the reins.
  • Be able to start, stop and turn a pony both  ways in walk, trot and canter.
  • Ride with sufficient balance in walk, (Sitting/Rising) trot and canter, without being led.
  • Know some basic arena riding rules and school figures.
  • Be able to ride “safely” with a group of riders.
Preparation for jumping:
  •     Know jumping position and be able to control their pony over a course of ground poles or 6 very small jumps.